Néktar Detox


  • Are experienced with regular juice cleansing?
  • Are a health conscious and considered a vegetable juice lover who wants a more intense detox?

A juice detoxification will place a strong emphasis on removing toxins from the body.  A good juice detoxification program should focus on targeting and eliminating accumulated toxins in stored tissues and cells in the body, while boosting immunity and restoring energy.  Liver, kidneys, blood and colon should be the primary target.

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What can I do and expect during my detox?


The néktar detoxification focuses on flushing toxins and promoting human homeostasis through cold pressed juices.  By providing a nutrient rich néktar juice your body is better able to protect to against disease and ailments, maintain an increase in energy, and increase quality of life. We put an emphasis on eliminating toxins, while promoting the absorption of essential vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Our juices are a combination of raw organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  We encourage individuals to do seasonal juice detoxification.

Detoxification Benefits List:

  • weight loss through elimination of stored waste
  • reduces toxins
  • reduces the workload on your body
  • reduces muscle & joint pain (anti-inflammatory)
  • reduces free-radical damage 
  • reduces or eliminates cravings
  • reduces stress (vitamin C, magnesium)
  • helps build strong bones  (calcium, magnesium)
  • alkalinizes blood
  • hydrates your body
  • improves energy
  • boosts your mood
  • promotes mental clarity
  • increased immunity

Daily Detox:

Start your morning and end your night with a glass of spring water with lemon, preferably at room temperature. During detoxification drink a moderate amount of alkaline and/or spring water (4-6 cups) with lemon throughout the day. Also, get outside for 20 minutes of sunlight daily.

Consume the first juice within one hour of waking (preferably at sunrise). Elixir should be taken 30 minutes before consuming juice. Juices should be consumed every 2 hours. Take your time and drink.

    1. elixir
    2. juice
    3. juice
    4. juice
    5. elixir
    6. juice
    7. juice
    8. juice

    Depending on the length of the detox, your fruits and vegetable sustenance will include 2 elixirs and at least 6 (16oz) cold press juices.

    Cold Press Juices:

    • beet/carrot/apple/ginger
    • carrot/grapefruit/ginger
    • chard/spinach/cucumber/apple/fennel
    • kale/chard/spinach/cucumber/celery
    • chard/spinach/collard green/cucumber/radish
    • turmeric/orange/celery/carrot
    • kale/dandelion/celery/beet/apple/fennel
    • kale/broccoli/cucumber/fennel/apple
    • kale/spinach/celery/cucumber/parsley/lemon
    • beet/carrot/apple/celery/radish
    • kale/spinach/broccoli/apple/lemon/ginger/parsley
    • kale/spinach/broccoli/collard green/cucumber/dandelion/lemon
    • chard/spinach/broccoli/collard green/romaine/dandelion/lemon
    • chard/spinach/kale/romaine/celery/cucumber/fennel
    • chard/spinach/kale/romaine/celery/cucumber/lemon/ginger
    • chard/spinach/kale/romaine/celery/cucumber/apple/beet


    • ginger shot
    • turmeric shot

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    Post Detox