Who is Néktar Juice

Company Features

Why Cold Pressed Juice?

  • We create our juices with a hydraulic press juicer
  • By using this process our juices maintain 3 to 5 times more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, due to the reduction of heat and  oxidation unlike any other juicing method (centrifugal and mastication)

Why Raw, Unpasteurized Juice?

  • Alive, naturally occurring food enzymes improve digestion
  • Contains natural antibiotics, which help defend our bodies from infection
  • Contains natural anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling. joint pain, and general inflammation
  • Contains antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other carotenoids)
  • Contains polyphenols, may be more potent than vitamins
  • Organic sulfur compounds to cleanse & detoxify
  • MineraLs (calcium, iron, magnesium. phosphorous. potassium, copper. zinc, boron, seLenium)
  • Vitamin A & K, supports a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin B, cell metabolism
  • Phytochemicals, responsible for fighting disease


  • Living catalysts in all raw vegetables and fruits
  • Benefits: Cold pressed juice, and eating raw foods are great ways of taking advantage of the benefits of enzymes


Who we are

Mark Ellis BSc

A juice enthusiast bringing an alternative to the alternative through nutrition. Contact Mark at juice@nektarjuice.co.