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  • Can I Work Out on a 10 Day Juice Cleanse?

    One of the most difficult parts of a juice cleanse is the fatigue and exhaustion that sets in within the first 72 hours of starting the cleanse. While you may feel good the first day, by the end of Day 2 or 3 you start feeling tired and headachy. It's tough to hit the gym while going through the symptoms of detox, especially when you have very little energy. So is it possible to work out on a 10 Day Juice Cleanse? Fitness and Cleansing Every body reacts differently to a juice cleanse. Some people feel AMAZING by Day 2,...

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  • Nature’s Cure: The Power of a Juice Detox

    Toxins are quite prevalent in our lives, even the best of us eco-conscious consumers can not entirely avoid them. From the quality of the soil our food is grown in, to the air we breathe, and even the materials in our homes, cars, clothing, and products, toxins still manage to find a way to seep into our lives. However, through knowledge we can live our lives in a way that limits our exposure to them. Furthermore, through detox, we have the power to dramatically decrease the effect of toxins on our bodies.  As Dr.Bernard Jensen, a forerunner of natural healing...

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