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  • Can I Work Out on a 10 Day Juice Cleanse?

    One of the most difficult parts of a juice cleanse is the fatigue and exhaustion that sets in within the first 72 hours of starting the cleanse. While you may feel good the first day, by the end of Day 2 or 3 you start feeling tired and headachy. It's tough to hit the gym while going through the symptoms of detox, especially when you have very little energy.

    So is it possible to work out on a 10 Day Juice Cleanse?

    Fitness and Cleansing

    Every body reacts differently to a juice cleanse. Some people feel AMAZING by Day 2, and they ride the high all the way until Day 10. Others feel great for the first day or so, but the last 5 to 8 days of cleansing are total misery.

    If you want to work out, it's definitely a good idea to do so. Exercise helps to cleanse your body, and you'll find that working out while on a 10-Day Juice Cleanse can help to make detoxing twice as effective.

    However, while on the juice cleanse, you are consuming less proteins and fats. You are only drinking juice, which means you are consuming concentrated levels carbohydrates and natural sugars. This is excellent for short term energy, but you're not going to have the energy available for a long, drawn out weight training or running session.

    Here are the keys to working out while on a cleanse:

    1. Feel out your body. If it's tired, sore, and headachy, it may be better to rest and let your body detox.
    2. Take it easy. Remember, you only have short-term energy available, so make sure your exercise is light and short.
    3. Drink up. Make sure to drink at least a cup of juice 30 minutes BEFORE your workout to give your body the energy it needs, and have a glass of juice IMMEDIATELY following the training session to replenish the energy burned.

    Keep these things in mind as you work out:

    • Prepare for weakness -- When you are eating very little and drinking A LOT of juice, your body may run out of energy quickly. Sugar is only good for short term energy, and a weight training session will leave you drained and tired in 15 to 20 minutes. When you feel weak, take a break or stop working out.
    • Know your limits -- The lack of protein intake means your muscles won't be as strong as they usually are. Take it easy on your workouts, and don't be surprised if you can't lift as much as you normally can.
    • Work up to it -- If you want to work out while on a cleanse, start out with a short workout on Day 1. Keep it short through Days 2 and 3, and only start increasing the duration of your workout once you hit Day 4. You shouldn't try to hit more than 30 to 45 minutes per day while on a juice cleanse.
    • Do it with a friend -- You DON'T want to pass out mid-exercise because you just don't have the energy any more. Work out with a friend, as you'll be able to keep an eye on each other and look for any signs of fatiguing.

    Follow these tips, and you'll find that it really is possible to work out while on a juice cleanse!


    Andy Peloquin

    September 2, 2014

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