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  • Why Raw Organics are Part of a Healthy Diet

    Including large amounts of raw fruits, organic meats and fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, dairy, and eggs in a person’s diet helps them to feel healthier and more energized.

    But why? It’s because of the value of introducing raw organics into your diet.

    Raw foods refer to foods that are uncooked. Raw foods can be warm, but should not go above 118 degrees.

    Organic fruits and vegetables are grown free of harmful pesticides or chemicals. Organic meats are made from animals that were not given hormones.

    If you’re interested in feeling better, having more energy, and eating higher-quality foods, here are the three major reasons you should start eating raw organics:

    Better for You

    Many studies show that a diet that includes raw fruits and vegetables are nutritionally sound. Raw foods are better because they are higher in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals. The amount of nutrients contained in the food tend to decreases along with its natural enzymes when it is cooked.

    Essentially, when you cook something, you kill a large part of the nutritional value that you hope to get by eating it.

    Organic foods are better for two reasons.

    For one, they taste better. The size, shape, color, and flavor of meat, fruits, and vegetables can be vastly different between organic and non organic foods. Organic foods are more vividly colored and have a fuller taste.

    For two, they are healthier because they do not contain harmful chemicals and hormones.

    Lose Fat

    While eating a diet consisting mostly of raw organic foods, a person’s body tends to lose excess weight. This is because processed foods are typically higher in unhealthy fats, salts, carbohydrates, preservatives, and sugars that cause people to put on unwanted weight.

    When these unhealthy foods are replaced with healthy alternatives, extra, unhealthy weight naturally drops away without any change in a person’s exercise regiment.

    Simply incorporate more raw, organic food into your diet and you’ll see a marked improvement in your weight and general health!

    More Natural

    Raw organic foods are more natural. It is a relatively recent event in history that people have been eating foods dusted with pesticides and eating meats that have been infused with hormones.

    Throughout the majority of human history, people have not eaten processed foods.

    We know that chemicals and hormones are bad, but we do not know how bad. Until the jury is in, many believe that it is best to avoid consuming as many chemicals, pesticides, and hormones as possible.

    The benefits of avoiding traditionally manufactured foods extends beyond one’s own health into the environment.

    When fewer people consume foods manufactured with chemicals, there are fewer chemicals in the environment. That means there is a healthier world for us and for future generations.

    So the next time you head to the grocery store, stock your cart with raw organics. Fuel your body with foods that are vibrant and delicious in addition to being better for your health, better for the environment, better for your waistline, and better for future generations.


    Why do you think raw organic foods are part of a healthy diet?


    Sarah Greesonbach

    July 21,2014

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