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  • Juice Cleanse for Weight Loss

    If you have had struggles with weight at any point in the past you are probably well aware that there is no magic pill or silver bullet for melting away those excess pounds. Losing weight and keeping it off takes regular exercise and a smart nutritional approach in order to be successful. That being said, there is a way to give yourself a push in the right direction toward a healthier meals that will produce the results that you have been looking for.

    One of the biggest complaints that people have when beginning a new meal habits is the time involved in preparing healthy meals. We have become accustomed to the convenience that comes along with the fast food meals that we pick up from the drive thru. In addition to the ultimate convenience that seems to go hand in hand with fast food, we also crave the sweet, caffeinated soft drinks and the greasy fried foods.

    You might not feel as though you have the time to prepare and cook a healthy meal at home, let alone sit down at the dining room table and eat it – but anyone who has time to hit the drive thru has the few minutes available to prepare and drink a delicious blend of whole fruits and vegetables. Juicing whole fruits and veggies takes less time than it takes to wait through the line at your favorite fast food restaurant and delivers the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to get back on track toward looking and feeling better.

    A simple three day juice cleanse helps to serve as a “crash course” into a healthier way of life that features nutrient dense, raw whole foods in place of the empty calorie foods that your body has been subject to. After a weekend long juice cleanse you will have more energy, you’ll feel better and you’ll be less reliant on stimulants like caffeine to get through your day. You will be more alert and focused and you should see the number begin to go down on the scale.

    The changes you’ll see and feel in your body after a brief juice cleanse will help motivate you to stick to healthier habits as well. You can stick with whole fruit juices to replace your gourmet coffee drinks, energy shots and soft drinks as you add more fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein sources in place of empty calorie foods and pre-packaged snacks.

    Adhering to a juice cleanse might seem daunting to someone who is accustomed to consuming three heavy meals a day but the overall improvement in feeling, improved sleep and increase in energy that come with a few day juice cleanse far overshadow the initial desire for eating solid food. When done properly a few day juice cleanse can be a very powerful tool that can put you on the right track toward a healthy overall eating plan that will result in a healthier body and a healthier mind without the negative side effects that seem to go hand in hand with today’s typical North American diet.


    July 9,2014


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