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  • Nature’s Cure: The Power of a Juice Detox

    Toxins are quite prevalent in our lives, even the best of us eco-conscious consumers can not entirely avoid them. From the quality of the soil our food is grown in, to the air we breathe, and even the materials in our homes, cars, clothing, and products, toxins still manage to find a way to seep into our lives.

    However, through knowledge we can live our lives in a way that limits our exposure to them.

    Furthermore, through detox, we have the power to dramatically decrease the effect of toxins on our bodies. 

    As Dr.Bernard Jensen, a forerunner of natural healing and juice fasting once said:

    “If you’re green on the inside, you’re clean on the inside.”

    3 Step Detox: Stop, Purge, Rebuild

    Step 1: Stop toxic exposure as much as possible and switch to natural products.

    Step 2: Purge your body of toxins by detoxing with raw food, juice fasts and herbs.

    Step 3: Rebuild your body at the cellular level from the purest, cleanest, most natural ingredients.

    This is where juice fasting comes in. Nature has blessed us with everything we need to heal our bodies. The most potent purgers, cleansers and detoxifiers are all found in abundance in nature, even in our own backyards! (That’s right, those pesky dandelion greens are miracles healers!)

    When you undergo a juice fast, these are some of the benefits you are giving your body:

    Energy to Heal - When you stop eating food, you allow your digestive system to have a break. The energy that your body allocated to the digestive process is now available for other uses. The body, being quite conscious and intelligent, is aware of everything it needs to do to heal itself, most of the time, we just need to get out of our own way. When you are overwhelmed the body with too much food, or a poor quality of food, the body suffers. When you stop eating and undergo a juice cleanse, the body can finally attend to more urgent matters and begin ‘cleaning-house’. 

    Concentrated Nutrients and Vitamins - When you juice greens, fruit, and herbs, you are providing your body with a concentration of nutrition which is more readily available for use because it does not need to be broken down and converted to useable units of energy within the body to such a degree as food does. Your body is getting a supercharged does of nutrients, micro-nutrients and vitamins.

    Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods - The PH balance of our bodies is vital to our health. Raw food is alkaline, Why is that important?

    According to Dr. Robert Morse, an MD specializing in Raw Food Detoxification:

    “The PH factor is the measure of a chemical solution’s acidity versus its alkalinity, on a scale of 0 (more acidic) to 14 (more alkaline).” If we could boil down the process of detoxification and healing of the body in one sentence, it would be: “alkalization is the key to tissue regeneration.”

    Alkaline substances neutralize acidity. Disease and the breakdown of tissue occurs in acidic environments. The ideal ratio in a human body is 80% alkaline to 20% acidic.

    Life Force and Energy - Raw food is living food. You are what you eat. When you cook food you are literally destroying the life force and altering it to a state that your body then has to convert back to it’s original, as perfected by nature. Juice detoxes literally gives your body nature’s purest, most hydrating, alkalizing and cleansing and highest vibrational food.

    If you are ready to take your health to the next level, consider a raw, organic juice fast to jump start the detoxification process. Not only does juice detoxify, cleanse and purify our bodies, it is the cleanest and most nutrient rich material from which to build our bodies. Remember, wherever you are in your healing journey, in this moment you have the power to change.

    Authored by: Teresa Bialkowska 

    June 28, 2014

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